On the12-th of February at the museum were carried out next lessons at the study groups


In the «Young historian» study group the children were taught a lesson on a theme «Culture of Altyndepe». They were informed about the values found in Altyndepe during excavations and archaeologists, who has carried out those excavations.

For the better knowledge of material the pupils listened to the excursion carried out in the part «Ancient history» and on the first floor of the museum «Ethnography and Local Lore» of the State museum. With the same purpose among pupils was carried out the quiz. A lesson was taught by the research fellow of department of history of Turkmenistan M.Mammetjumayeva.

In the «Young artist» study group the children were taught to draw pictures devoted to the International Woman’s day. They drew pictures about spring and different flowers. They can present these pictures to their mothers and grandmothers. Masterclass at the State museum was taught by the 1-st degree restorer of restoration department G.Oraznobatova.

On the12-th of February 1809 was born world-known scientist. The lesson at  «Young naturalist» study group was devoted to this date. The children acquainted with the biography of the great scientist, with his main discovery and scientific study. The lesson was taught by the head of division of Nature and Local Lore E.Altyyeva.