On the 30-th of January 2020 the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan has organized a guest exhibition named «Birds – winged friends» at the secondary school № 56 of Ashgabat city


Staff of the State museum does not limit itself only in popularization of permanently acting exposition, but regularly organize guest exhibitions and teach lessons on various themes in kindergartens, schools, colleges and institutions of higher education of Ashgabat city.

On the 30-th of January 2020 the research department of History has organized an exhibition named «Birds – winged friends» at the secondary school № 56 of Ashgabat city. In the animal world of Turkmenistan birds differ by their special variety. According to the regular scientific researche of the world of birds of our country we should necessary notice, that the number of their variety has considerably increased.

 At this exhibition were presented stuffed birds, which occur in our country, their nests and eggs.

At the exhibition children have got acquainted with biological features of birds, their environment, feeding, nesting and season of transmigration. Besides it, research officers of the museum have told about importance of birds in the nature and human life, and about work on preservation of rare birds carried out in State reserves.

The rich history of our people promotes patriotic upbringing of rising generation, under the guidance of hero Arkadag the confidence gets stronger in the bright future. The dear President, who respects a national heritage, which was left by our ancestors, has created all conditions for scientific research of museum values, their storages and popularization all over the world. We are infinitely grateful to honourable Arkadag for taking care of a cultural heritage and national values! We wish our dear Arkadag health and long life! Let him always be successful!