On the 15-th of January at the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan were carried out the next lessons of actting study groups.

Pupils of «Young naturalist» study group got acquainted with wild and domestic cloven-hoofed animals. Children have studied varieties and features of cloven-hoofed animals by means of display of pictures on the special screen. In the course of lesson, they have familiarized with cloven-hoofed and odd-toed animals, which occur in Turkmenistan and have heard to the information about their value in the nature. For better knowledge of the lesson was carried oral test.

In «Young historian» study group was carried out the lesson on a theme «Home scenes in rhytons kept in museum storehouses». There was told about finds of pieces of articles made of ivory in Old Nisa, about work on their restoration and storage. There was also told about the method of making rhytons, their use in everyday life, analyses of pictures on a frieze. For better knowledge of the theme among pupils was carried out competition in the form of a quiz.

In «Young artists» study group pupils drew a picture on a theme «Imagination in the world space». Children have chosen a theme at their will and the teacher has shown them various ways of a writing of the name in the picture.