On the 18-th of December 2019 were carried out the next in the museum study groups

Children of «Young naturalist» study group acquainted with representatives of reptiles - snakes. They learned about adders and innocuous snakes, which occur in Turkmenistan and in other countries. The pupils have been told a lot of interesting about a way of life, nutrition, reproduction and meaning of snakes in the nature and for a man. The next testing of children have shown good results.

Young historians learned about an ancient monument of Nisa. They acquainted with the exhibits found in the territory of the monument.

In «Young artist» study, group the New Year's theme is being continued. Today pupils have drawn New Year's compositions on a theme «New Year party». The task of a lesson – is to teach children to draw composition correctly, and acquaintance with gouache paint and theory of technics of drawing by this paints.