At the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan is organized an exhibition named « Fauna of Turkmenistan »

Thanks to dear Arkadag and being guided by high requirements of the epoch, social and economic position of country, which is promptly going ahead, is improved still more, the culture and art are developed and reach new considerable advances. Museums of our country render invaluable service in preservation of the values connected with history of mankind, authentic show of historical events, in still more strengthening of friendly relations between people of the world, popularization of peace and humanism all over the world, the perfect, cultural and modern upbringing of rising generation. Research fellows of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan do not limit themselves only in popularization of various values of permanently acting museum exposition, but also organize guest exhibitions in preschool institutions and secondary schools and institutions of higher education in Ashgabat city.

 Today, on the 16-th of December 2019 research fellows of cultural and enlightener department of the State museum have also organized in Ashgabat specialized Rukhnama secondary school №28 an exhibition named «Fauna of Turkmenistan» composed of museum values. Research fellows of the State museum of the State museum have told the pupils a lot of interesting about some kinds of animals, birds and the reptiles, which occur in Turkmenistan and peculiarities of their life. In the course of the exhibition, pupils asked many questions and the exhibition made deep impression upon them. In their turn children have expressed boundless gratitude to the honourable President for the possibility to study five thousand year old history of the Turkmen people, its tradition, the beautiful nature and also vegetable and animal world and cherish as the apple of their eye.