On the 2-nd of December 2019 at the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan was organized the exhibition named «Neutral Turkmenistan – the country of progress» devoted to the ХХIV anniversary of neutrality of Turkmenistan.

Neutral Turkmenistan – the country of progress

Our Motherland –  favourite Turkmenistan is the neutral state confirmed by the United Nations Organization. The neutral status of Turkmenistan has been confirmed by two resolutions of the United Nations and it was embodied in the Constitution of our country as well. This event has predetermined  the long-term tendency of indoor and outdoor policy of Turkmenistan. The celebration of the day of International neutrality on the 12-th of December, the day when has has been confirmed the neutral status of Turkmenistan, still more strengthened the international authority of our country.

In 2019, declared by the honourable President « Turkmenistan – the Motherland of prosperity, the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan has carried out a lot of work. In honour of the ХХIV anniversary of neutrality of Turkmenistan on the 2-nd of December 2019 there was organized exhibition  named «Neutral Turkmenistan – the country of progress».

 At the exhibition are placed museum values from the storehouses, the complete set of photos, where are embodied meetings of the honorable President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov with the heads of the foreign states and also his speeches at the international forums, conferences and from the tribune of the General Assembly of the United Nations. The idea of the exhibition is completed by the fine jewellerry compositions presented to the head of the state and showing the advancement of politicy of the country. There are also carpets woven by hands of our skilled workers, works of artists, books by the honorable President, albums, magazines, which increase the importance of the exhibition. In a word, the exhibition  named «Neutral Turkmenistan – the country of progress» allows to see a historical merit of the status of a permanent neutrality of our powerful state in guaranteeing of a safe and happy life of the people, protection of law and order and peace in region and all over the world. As the President of Turkmenistan hero Arkadag pointed, let increase the authority and glory of independent permanently neutral Turkmenistan as a peacemaking centre!

Тhe exhibition was opened by the manager of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan, candidate of historical science Ovezmukhammet Mammetnurov with words of greeting.

Then the floor was given to the Turkmenistan Majlis deputy, candidate of historical science Suleyman Suleymanov, senior staff scientist of the institute of History and archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan Ata Nepesov, lecturer of the department world languages of the institute of International Affairs of the Ministry of International Affairs of Turkmenistan Almanar Yazberdiyeva, lecturer of the State Academy of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan Jeren Baltayeva, subeditor of “Galkynyş” newspaper, poetess Ogultach Oraztaganova, I category librarian of the State library of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan, Honored cultural worker of Turkmenistan Oguljemal Orazdurdyyeva, correspondent-in-chief of “Nesil” newspaper Akgül Saparova, director of department of social sciences of Maya Kuliyeva Turkmen National conservatoire Gozel Aynazarova, chairman of Kopetdag regional council of Ashgabat city Magtymguly Youth organization Perman Ballyyev, lecturer of Turkmen State institute of culture, chairman of primary woman’s organization Gulbakhar Kulova.      

Their interesting and emotional speeches were met with prolonged applause.

Then the guests get acquainted with the exhibition «Neutral Turkmenistan – the country of progress» and listened to the information of museum staff.