The exhibition organized within the network of Days of culture of Turkmenistan in the Republic of Tatarstan.

From the 7-th up to the 10-th of October 2019 in Kazan and Yelabuga cities of Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation have been carried out Days of culture of Turkmenistan. The delegation, which consisted of cultural and art workers, creative personalities and representatives of mass media, participated in that event. Within the the network of Days of culture of Turkmenistan there has taken part inauguration of Days of culture of Turkmenistan in V.I.Lenin cultural and entertaining complex of Kazan city. Here has been carried out the concert of Master of Arts of Turkmenistan and Republic of Tatarstan. On the 7-th of October in the House of Friendship of People of Tatarstan there has been carried out inauguration of the exhibition of works of applied art and museum values of Turkmenistan and photo-exhibition “Beauty and exotica of Turkmenistan” as well.

The same exhibition was organized in V.I.Lenin cultural and entertaining complex. Many inhabitants, cultural and art workers of Tatarstan and the Turkmen students, who study trained in Kazan city has come to see the exhibition. The attention of visitors was attracted by the beautiful and surprising national costumes and jewellery from the storehouses of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan. Those who have seen the clothes sewed and embroidered by skilful hands of our grandmothers, especially Tatar women, have been amazed and have asked questions on the interesting themes. They have shown the big respect to skill of our women and the jewellers that reached up to now. Visitors of the exhibition have made pictures where have been presented samples of fine Turkmen carpets, national costumes, “keteni” fabrics, embroidery and jewellery, aspiring to leave in memory a national originality of Turkmens.