The State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan invites those who wishes to the exhibition named «The Motherland reveres its courageous people», devoted to the Memorial Day, which will be held on the 4-th of October 2019 at 15:00.


The Motherland reveres its courageous people


Thanks to the care of the honourable President, our people get large-scale opportunities for continuation of the course that comes from our ancestors, to remember those who hasleft this world forever, to honour their blessed memory. As acknowledgement we should mention the Memorial Day annually carried out on the 6-th of October at the state level, as a good tradition, which has placed itself in hearts of the people. The earthquake, which has occurred at night from the 5-th to the 6-th of October 1948 has completely destroyed Ashgabat city   and neighbouring territory. It is the shocking natural cataclysm, which has carried away lives of many people, lives in memory of generations.

An  annual wreath-laying  in the Memorial Day to a monument «Halk hakydasy» as a sign on honouring of memory of heroes of Fatherland became a good tradition. When you visit monuments «Baky şöhrat», «Milletiň ogullary», «Ruhy tagzym» of our  capital gathered in this surprising place, you feel yourself as in a cradle of great love to the Motherland. The fact that we honour the sacred things, which we  inherited from our fathers, still more ennobles our feelings, patriotism, still more ennobles fidelity to the spirit of our glorious ancestors, who has founded a powerful basis of a peace, safe and worthy life of present generation. In all the parts of Turkmenistan are  carried out mourning actions in honour of the Memorial Day.

At the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan is also organized the exhibition named «The Motherland reveres its courageous people»in honour of the Memorial Day. At the exhibition, which consists of four sections, are exhibited museum values of the storehouses of the museum. The exhibition is opened with the wise words of the honourable President and fine souvenir compositions of Turkmen jewellers as well. 

In the course of the exhibition are also presented photos of Ashgabat city   before earthquake. Here you can see photos of ruins of Ashgabat city made after that awful event. 

Then there are photos representing people, who has survived after natural disaster, who have shown courage in rescue of victims, doctors and other medical workers, who has arrived to help at the hard time, merits of soldiers and office worker, the help to workers of Turkmenistan who had heavy losses, works of fine arts and articles of everyday use from   material and cultural storehouse.

The  shape of our capital capitally has been changed under the guidance of the honourable President at the prosperous epoch of the powerful state. The exhibition is also adorned by the photos representing the blossoming era of our capital during the years of Independence, fine buildings, amusement parks, monuments, and   souvenir compositions as well.

Memory  of victims of earthquake is highly honoured thanks to the care of the honourable President at the prosperous epoch of the powerful state.