Turkmen-Turkish cultural relations develop

Turkmenistan and Turkey with a common history and traditions give particular preference to the development of humanitarian cooperation. In the epoch of new history, cooperation in such particularly important areas as culture, education, and science has acquired a qualitatively new content. Scientists of the two countries actively participate in scientific conferences, with the participation of masters of art concerts, Days of Culture and exhibitions of arts and crafts are regularly organized in Turkmenistan and Turkey.

This time in the cities of Sivas and Erzurum of the Republic of Turkey from 9 to 16 of July were held Days of Culture of Turkmenistan.

Celebrations of the Days of Culture started in the city Sivas. On the 10 of July there were held 3 impressive events. The second among them is an exhibition of works of art of State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan and values of the State museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan in the library Shemsi-Sivas. There were shown to the inhabitants of the city the best works of national values, arts and crafts of Turkmen people and photographs. In these events took part also managers of city Sivas.

Then the Days of Culture of Turkmenistan continued in the city of Erzurum. July 13 in the city of Erzurum in the exhibition hall of the cultural center of Ataturk University was opening ceremony of the exhibition of works of arts and crafts, museum valuables and photographic material of our state. Inhabitants, honorary people and the managers of the city of Erzurum participated in the exhibition of Turkmen national values and they, having said pleasant words about excellent values, about the peculiarity of the exhibition, expressed gratitude.