At the International University for humanities and development was carried out a guest exhibition named «Independent Motherland – happy country»


At the prosperous epoch of the powerful state Turkmen people achieve considerable successes and great reforms as a result of tireless care of hero Arkadag of people. There is carried out a lot of work on popularization of culture, art, history and cultural heritage of our country under the guidance of the honourable President in a year declared «Turkmenistan – the Motherland of prosperity». Our culture and art prospers and reaches considerable heights along with other fields of activity. The museums, which are one of the main directions of culture, make the worthy contribution into restoration of the values connected with history and culture of mankind, disclosing of the historical reality, strengthening of friendly relations of the people of the world, popularization of peace and humanism in the world, upbringing of rising generation in the spirit of high morals, patriotism and honest, perfect and cultured people.

The State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan organizes in all institutions of higher education of the country the guest exhibitions devoted to the year «Turkmenistan - the Motherland of prosperity». Such guest exhibition named «Independent Motherland – happy country» composed of museum values of the State museum, has been organized and will be carried out at the International University for humanities and development at the period from 25-th up to the 31-st of March 2019. At an exhibition were presented national garments, carpets and carpet products, musical instruments, articles of everyday use. Besides it, at the exhibition are shown carpets pictures glorifying the beauty of our nature.

At the opening of the exhibition the floor was given to the teacher of department of  philosophy and sociology of the International University for humanities and development Surai Saparova, head of cultural and enlightener department of the State museum Ovez Rakhmanov and head of the department of ethnography of the State museum Enebai Amanberdyyeva.

In the course of the exhibition research fellows of the museum have told about the giant work carried out by the honourable President in the sphere of education and culture. The faculty, students of university and staff  of the museum took an active participation in the opening of this guest exhibition. The students, who have visited the exhibition, have expressed their thanks to hero Arkadag for the possibility of comprehensive study of a surprising cultural heritage of our people.