An exhibition of works of applied and the fine arts named «Turkmenistan – the heart of the Great Silk Road» organized in Moscow city of the Russian Federation

On the 21-st of October 2018 in Moscow city of the Russian Federation as a solemn occasion took place an opening of Days of culture of Turkmenistan. It once again demonstrates, that the cultural actions, which are proceeding in year «Turkmenistan - the heart of the Great Silk Road» were developed not only in the country, but abroad as well. The big delegation consisting of masters of culture and arts of our country, staff of museum and representatives of mass media has left for Moscow for participation in a peculiar holiday of friendship and inspiration.

At the museum of All-Russia applied and a folk art of Moscow city was organized the exhibition «Turkmenistan - the heart of the Great Silk Road» formed of works applied and the fine arts and photos.

The national values connected with the Great Silk Road, which revives its past glory, thanks to wisdom of hero Arkadag, were the main theme of the exhibition. The sufficient place mmong them was occupied by the books, which have absorbed the wisdom of the honourable President, carpets and carpet products, jewellery, products of an applied arts and pottery.

Our culture and art turn into the unbreakable bridge of friendship under the wise guidance of the honourable President. If still recently the Days of culture of Turkmenistan have been carried out as a solemn occasion in brotherly Tajikistan, today big cultural event have started in the Russian Federation. The fact, that Muscovites and the Turkmen students, who study in Moscow, having known about an exhibition, interested in this event, shows that, that glory of Turkmen culture has resounded through the world.

In Turkmen art the nationality, beauty of the nature and feelings are shown subtly. Splendid Turkmen carpets and jewellery are stored in several museums of Russia. These fine exhibits impress not only adults, but younger generation as well. The Great Silk Road is one big historical phenomenon. The today's exhibition is also considered to be the big event as through it is shown a national feature of Turkmenistan, which is the heart of the Great Silk Road.