Educated generation – the powerful Motherland

The State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan invites those, who wishes, to visit an exhibition named «Educated generation – the powerful Motherland», devoted to the Day of knowledge and student youth, which will be opened on the 31-st of August 2018 at 15:00.

President of Turkmenistan

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov

 «Improvement of the educational system in the country should be realized with a glance of use of world advanced experience in teaching, spiritual values and national traditions, rich historical and cultural heritage of the Turkmen people»

Turkmenistan is a country of happy childhood and youth, which has future security. The 1–st of September–Day of knowledge and student youth is f glorious date at the prosperous epoch of the powerful state. The knowledge is the most valuable heritage,which was left to us by our wise ancestors. All the times the knowledge was an integral part of our national upbringing, the necessity of life, took a place in the souls of generations. In Ashgabat city and in all the provinces of the country are constructed and put into operation new, modern higher educational institutions, secondary and specialized secondary schools and preschool institutions. In training of pupils is applied the new methodology and the most perfect technics. Among them should be noted a multimedia blackboard and an interactive method of training. New subjects are included into the educational program joins and old ones are improved for broadening of an outlook of youth. There are created all conditions to get Turkmen young people up to the world standard. Our honourable Arkadag carries out consecutive work in changing of educational system, including higher education, secondary and specialized secondary educational and keeps it under the special control. There are published new textbooks and learning aids. Children who enter the 1 class are presented a computer together with textbooks and school accessories.

This year declared by the honourable President «Turkmenistan – yje heart of the Great Silk Road» is signified by the historical events and cultural events of the state level are carried out regularly.

At the state museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan is organized an exhibition named «Educated generation – the powerful Motherland», devoted to the Day of knowledge and student youth, which consists of the values from the storehouses. Here are exposed along with the national vakues fine works od art, wise words of our honourable President about education, new textbooks, exhibits concerning natural sciences, laboratory equipment аnd notes about the historical activity in the field of education and photos made in ХХ century.

The young people thank our honourable President enough for his activity in updating of educational system and perfection of the quality of education up to the world standard.