Variety of birds of Turkmenistan

         The State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan invites those who wishes to the exhibition named “Variety of birds of Turkmenistan”, devoted to the National spring holiday, which will be held on the 30-th of March 2018 at 15:00.

At the prosperous epoch of the powerful state the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan regularly carries out meetings of youth with scientists of Turkmenistan, competitions among schoolboys and students, exhibitions, theoretical and practical conferences devoted to the environmental protection in realization of the policy of the honourable President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov harmonious exploitation of riches of the native nature, protection of its beauty and a biodiversity, increase of ecological literacy of people.

Annually on the 1-st of April, the entire world celebrates the International Bird Day - an ecological holiday, which is devoted to propagation of ideas, brings up the people in the decision of the problems connected with disappearance of many kinds of avifauna in the Earth.

To the International Bird Day, on 30-th of March 2018 the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan has organized an exhibition named «Variety of birds of Turkmenistan», and a meeting with ornithologists of our country as well. The various kinds of birds that can be met in the territory of Turkmenistan are presented at the exhibition in the form of stuffed animals, souvenirs, represented on pictures, photos and carpets. At the exhibition is possible to acquaint the science and popular science literature about birds, and to see portraits of ornithologists of our country.

The International Bird Day has arisen in the USA in 1894; it was spread and became popular thanks to mass media, has involved all the states, then has reached Europe, now it is celebrated in many countries of the world.

Having come to Russia and then to our country, the ideas to help the birds has fallen in fertile ground.

In Turkmenistan protection and the International Bird Day are connected with the organization in 1968 of the Turkmen society of nature preservation, which was led by the known ornithologist in the world - Turkmen academician A.G.Rustamov, who was a member of the commission of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). He has supported and promulgated in Turkmenistan an idea of UNESCO on celebrating of Bird Day and has suggested celebration of this day on the I-st of April in our country as well. Members of the Turkmen nature preservation society propagandized ideas of birds protection society, but especially this day, when in cities and villages of Turkmenistan there were carried out seminars and lectures.

The big role in bird protection is played by the National hawkers society of Turkmenistan, under the guidance of A.E.Eyeberdyyev and ornithologist J.S.Saparmuradov, founded in 1999, both actively propagandizing protection of birds of prey and the care of national traditions of a falconry.

The territory of Turkmenistan is constantly or temporarily inhabited by more than 420 kinds of birds. Birds in the wildlife are not the property or property of any country; birds do not know borders and unite the people. And the date of celebration of a holiday is chosen not casually: just this time the important things take place in a life of the birds: some of them breed already, and others fly further to the north, where having brood, they will return back to us and will spend the winter, and to gather strength in the fertile Turkmen land.