Remembering Ogulabat eje

Remembering Ogulabat eje Ogulabat Berdymukhamedova, mother of the National Leader of the Turkmen people, hero Arkadag, the grandmother of the honourable President Arkadag Serdar, has died on 86-th year of a life. The Turkmen people have accepted this mournful news with the deep condolence. Ogulabat eje, who devoted her rich in content life to the people, the native hearth, upbringing of children, has shown a high example of patriotism, humanity, fidelity to a family, love to national values. Ogulabat eje has rendered invaluable facility in development of national values at modern level, continuation of the national traditions originating in ancient days, transfer to young generation of great art of needlework as a mentor. On the 18-th May 2021 to the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan have been transferred kurte and the knitted half-hose, which have been made by skilful hands of Ogulabat eje. For modern youth her noble work is an example, and these articles have no commercial value. Blessed memory of Ogulabat eje, who has shown an unforgettable example of fidelity to Fatherland, the people, the family hearth, upbringing of youth in good traditions, will eternally live in our hearts. On the 12-th of April 2023 года at the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan was carried out a round table conference named состоялась беседа за круглым столом под названием “Remembering Ogulabat eje”. A conference was recorded by “Altyn asyr” TV channel. There participated Hero of Turkmenistan, laureate of Magtymguly International Prize, People’s Writer of Turkmenistan, poetess Gözel Şagulyýewa, Chairman of the committee on science and education, culture and youth policy of Majlis of Turkmenistan Bahar Seyidova, deputy head of department of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan Guljemal Annamyradova.