On the 3-rd of October 2022 at the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan was carried out inauguration of the exhibition named «Heroes of the Fatherland are not forgotten» devoted to day of Memory


Every year on the 6-th of October, in Turkmenistan is celebrated day of Memory, in which are mentioned the heroes who left to defend their Motherland and fallen for their country and also victim of Ashgabat earthquake of 1948 as well. Those mournful events, which have left a mark in history of the Turkmen people, have left an indelible mark in a soul of each Turkmen citizen, who esteems the history, because the Turkmen people transfer memory of our ancestors, who kept secrecy of their Motherland in hearts, from generation to generation.

At the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan is organized an exhibition named «Heroes of the Fatherland are not forgotten», devoted to day of Memory. The exhibition is opened with a portrait of the honourable President Serdar Berdymukhamedov, the State symbolics, a carpet picture with the woven picture of our capital. The sufficient place is given to the jewellery compositions, glorify beautiful parts of our capital. Ashgabat earthquake has also damaged historical monuments of the country. At the exhibition are exposed pieces of Seyid Jemal аd-Din mosque. Here are also located documentary photographies, which show about Ashgabat earthquake and history of Gokdepe battle. Photos with pictures of Ashgabat city are divided into subject sets where is shown the city before the earthquake, in the XX century and architecture of the epoch of Independence.

In the inauguration of the exhibition participated director of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan Meretgeldi Charyyev, chairman of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan Charymyrat Yazmyradov, worker of Ashgabat city administration, Honoured Elder of Turkmenistan Erkin Kosayev, senior lecturer of art history department of applied arts faculty of the State Academy of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan, Honoured Art worker of Turkmenistan Azat Annayev, citizen of Ashgabat city, Honoured Elder of Turkmenistan Artyk Artykov, citizen of Ashgabat city Khangeldi Bayramov. The guests were pleased with the original composition of the exhibition.