On the 14-th of May 2021 at the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan is organized an exhibition named «Inviolable foundations of power» devoted to the Day of Constitution of Turkmenistan and the State flag of Turkmenistan.


Constitution of Turkmenistan, being the legal creator of achievements of our country in all directions, at the same time is a legal basis of stable development, peace, humanism, problem-free and happy life.

 Our green flag, being a national pride, which flies before the building of the United Nations, embassies and missions of our country abroad, fills us with pride and awakens self-respect. The main law and national flag, which is proudly streaming, are our national riches that mean our glorious past, greatness of our epoch and the bright future, indestructibility of our unanimity and merit.

At the exhibition are also demonstrated books by the honourable President, pictures of well-known artists, splendid jewellery compositions glorifying prosperous epoch of the powerful state, artworks, carpets woven by our skilful carpet-makers.

The exhibition was opened by the manager of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan Meretgeldi Charyyev.

Then the floor was given to the poetess, Hero of Turkmenistan Gozel Shagulyyeva, deputy of Majlis of National Assembly of Turkmenistan Mukhammetnazar Gurbanberdiyev, professor of Magtymguly Turkmen State University, candidate of  philosophical science Atajan Burunov, head of department of social science of International Oil and Gas University, professor Nuryagdy Sukhanov,  professor of banking department of Turkmen State Institute of Economy and Development, candidate of  economic science Bayramdurdy Taykharow.

Participants of the celebration have told a lot of interesting and have read verses on value of Constitution of Turkmenistan and the State flag, their high meaning, sanctity. It has made an indelible impression on the staff of the museum.