At the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan was organized an exhibition named “Crash school of Oriental Arts – new page in Turkmen painting”


The creative treasury of gifted Turkmen artists is rich with the works representing uniqueness of a life of the people, ethnographic features: traditions, national costumes, art of music, hospitality and humanism, daring horses and beauty of Turkmen steppe, fine historical monuments, happy moments of spring and love, youth and an old age.

In the 20-s of the last century in Turkmenistan have appeared favourable conditions for development of painting. On the 16-th of September 1920 in Ashgabat city has been opened Crash school of Oriental Arts under the guidance of talented Russian artists Reuben (Ilya) Моiseevich Mazel and Alexander Pavlovich Vladychuk, who have come to our country. Teachers-tutors have put their shoulder to the wheel with enthusiasm and have made a lot for upbringing of talented pupils.

Pupils of Crash school of Oriental Arts were trained in painting, sculpture, lithography and zincography, learned Turkmen nature, theatre, music, dances, and have got the general education as well. In that school have made their first steps to art such known painters, as the first Turkmen artist, the People’s artist of Turkmenistan Byashim Nuraly, S.N.Beglyarov, M.P.Fedura, Е.A.Skoblina-Beglyarova, N.I.Kostenko, V.Y.Demidenko, the known scientist of Turkmenistan, candidate of biological science O.F.Mizgireva.

 At the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan was organized an exhibition named “Crash school of Oriental Arts – new page in Turkmen painting” and devoted to the centenary of Crash school and 120-th anniversary of Byashim Nuraly. The exhibition is opened by the wise words of the honourable President.

At the beginning of the exhibition is presented the photo of teachers and graduates of the Crash school of Oriental Arts, dated 1920 and the information about the life and creativity of R.Mazel, A.Vladychuk and B.Nuraly. In the course of the exhibition are shown works of artists and the graphic artists which have graduated from the Crash school of Oriental Arts. There is also shown for the first time some posters «Morphology of various leaves» painted by O.F.Mizgiryova.

Painter's case and oil painting of the first Turkmen artist Byashim Nuraly and musical instruments worked out by him take a special place.

Among them are also presented works of Russian artists A.M.Zaslavski and V.S.Pshenichnikov, who has come here at the beginning of 1920-s to learn and glorify our architectural monuments, Turkmen nature, traditions and graphical works of M.S.Тuganov.

The event was opened with a formal ceremony by the manager of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan, candidate of historical science Ovezmukhammet Mammetnurov.

Then the floor was given to the People’s Artist of Turkmenistan, professor, sculptor Babasary Annamyradov, director of Byashim Nuraly child Art school of Аshgabat municipal culture administration Guldjemile Amanova, Honoured Art Worker of Turkmenistan, senior lecturer of art history department of applied arts faculty of the State Academy of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan Azat Annayev, granddaughter of Byashim Nuraly Gulshen Nuralyyeva, People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Baba Ovganov and Honoured Art Worker of Turkmenistan Ashyrlyyеv.