On the 15-th of June 2020 the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan has organized a guest exhibition named «National heritage, beautiful nature» at «Altyn damja» health and fitness centre


On the 15-th of June 2020 the research division Ethnography of   the State museum of   Turkmenistan has organized a guest exhibition  named «National heritage, beautiful nature» at   «Altyn damja» health and fitness centre. At this exhibition were presented national woman's, men's and children's wear of Turkmens, carpet products and  stuffed animals and   birds, which occur in our country. At the exhibition has been told about the peculiarities of national Turkmen clothes and with biological features of birds, their environment, feeding and as well. Besides it, research officers of the museum have told about importance of animals in the nature and human life, and  about work on preservation of rare birds and animals carried out in State reserves.