In 2020, declared as «Turkmenistan – the Motherland of neutrality» is widely celebrated International Novruz holiday.


For perpetuating of a place, which occupies holiday Novruz in a treasury of universal culture, preservation of a variety of cultures of nations of the world, and also popularization of its universal benefits all over the world, at the 64-th session of the United Nations General Assembly in 2010 Novruz holiday has been declared as the International holiday. Since then this holiday is widely celebrated in the world, as a holiday of friendship and brotherhood. The national spring holiday is recognized as a holiday strengthening peace relations between the states, and also a holiday popularizing historical cultural traditions of the people, living in the territory of the Central Asia, the Balkans, and in the Middle Eastas well, one more advantage has brought together the people and the countries.

 Our ancestors considered Novruz to be the sign of renewal, met it as the coming of happiness and prosperity. Novruz (word for word «New day») – is a New Year holiday, which is known from the time immemorial. Novruz took a sufficient place in the life of peasants, that day began sowing. The most respectable elder of the village has given his blessing to the beginning of agricultural works and was the first who has thrown seeds on the ground.

At the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan is organized the exhibition named «Novruz has come to this happy land», devoted to the National spring holiday. In the inauguration of the exhibition participated creative personalities, lecturers and teachers of secondary scholls and higher educational institutions and students. The exhibition was opened by the manager of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan, candidate of historical science О.Маmmetnurov.

Then the floor was given to research fellow of the institute of History and archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan Atageldi Nepesov, chief editor of the «Watan» radio channel, «Altyn asyr» Türkmenistan» TV channel of the State Committee of Turkmenistan on Television, broadcasting and cinematography Nurberdi Dadebayev, teacher of the specialized art school of Turkmenistan Amanmukhammet Khydyrov, head of division of «Bereketli toprak» newspaper, poetess Altyn Bayramdurdyyeva, worker of the State library of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan, Honoured cultural worker of Turkmenistan Oguljemal Orazdurdyyeva, research officer of the National institute of Desert, vegetation and animal world of the Ministry of agriculture and environmental protection of Turkmenistan Maral Sakhatova, senior lecturer of Turkmen institute of technical and transport communication Oguljan Aýnazarowa, lecturer od the art criticism department of the State Academy of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan Jeren Baltayeva, teacher of Turkmen State school for culture and art, poet Jumamyrat Artykov.

 Students of Turkmen architectural institute, staff of the museum of музея Fine Arts of Turkmenistan, State library of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan аnd of the first President of Turkmenistan were invited to the exhibition as the guests.