On the 18-th of March 2020 at the museum were carried out next lessons at the study groups

At the «Young artist» study group the pupils have drawn sketches to the International Novruz holiday. The children draw pictures about the beauty of Turkmen nature in the spring, the trees in full bud and Novruz holiday by means of watercolour and gouache. The lesson was carried out by the restorer-artist of the restoration division of the State museum Gulshirin Oraznobatova.

At the «Young naturalist» study group the lesson was devoted to the variety of birds in Turkmenistan and their meaning in the nature. The lesson was carried out in the exposition of the museum of Nature and Local Lore. The lesson was taught by the research fellow of division of Nature and Local Lore Byagul Atabayeva.

At the «Young historian» study group the children were engaged in review of lessons learnt before. They listened to the excursion all over the halls of the part of History.

For the better knowledge of material the children answered the questions. For the same purpose the pupils The lesson was carried out by the research fellow of the division of history of Turkmenistan Merjen Mammetjumayeva.