The State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan invites everybody to the exhibition “Turkmen melons sweet like honey” which will be held in the State Museum of Turkmenistan on 6 of August 2015.

Turkmen melons sweet like honey


“Turkmen melon is one of pure sources

 of well-being of Turkmen people, meal,

which is unmatched to its taste”

President of Тurkmenistan

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov


Thanks to tireless care of honourable President, each holiday of Turkmen people is solemnly celebrated at the prosperous epoch of the powerful state.

On the second Sunday of August in Turkmenistan is celebrated the holiday raised to national level - day of Turkmen melon. There are more than 400 sorts of Turkmen melon, among them - “vakharman” - 72, “garrygyz” - 60 and 233 sorts of “gulabi”. The smallest sort of melon is considered to be “dessemmaya”, its weight 50 grammes; the greatest - giants “mykhman sovar”, weighing 10 kg and “koybash” - 18 kg.

If we say about the taste of Turkmen melon - “gulabi”, “payendeki”, “zamcha”, “vakharman” and “garrygyz” are unmatched. The crop of melons is harvested at different times. Rareripe melons mature by the end of May. Late-ripening “garrygyz” is harvested in autumn and stored until spring. But the delicious melon in the world, which is considered to be the king of meals, “vakharman” ripens in August. Having planted a melon, it is necessary to water it sometimes and the generous Turkmen sun will do all the rest, having presented its honey taste and if you do not harvest it in time, it will burst because of maturity. There were cases when fruit stem of a melon was imparted to the camel’s thorn for its roots are on depth of tens of metres and have access to a moisture. The delicious melon in the world ripens in August, that’s why such attention is paid to the king of melon fields and date of a day of a Turkmen melon is chosen not casually.

Along with care of other spheres of our life, honourable President pays the big attention and a Turkmen melon at the prosperous epoch of the powerful state.

Exhibition devoted to the day of the queen of melon fields is organized every year at the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan. This year it is named “Turkmen melons sweet like honey”. Here are exhibited documentary photos, works of artists, labour tools used in agriculture and melon field, articles and also national values and souvenirs from storehouses of a museum, which glorify Turkmen melon still more.

The support rendered to honourable melon growers in preservation of sorts of a melon considered to be matchless, left by will of our ancestors, creation of new kinds, improvement of their quality, increase of selection work and carrying out of this activity on a scientific basis, promoted revival and harmonious growth of this area along with others.

Thanks o cares of the honourable President celebration of this day at the prosperous epoch of the powerful state is a sign that at our national values are deeply esteemed. We congratulate our honourable President, all melon growers and all Turkmen people.