On the 5-th of February 2020 were carried out the next in the museum study groups

Children of «Young naturalist» study group acquainted with representatives of reptiles - tortoise. They learned about marine turtles and land tortoises, which occur in Turkmenistan and in other countries. The pupils have been told a lot of interesting about a way of life, nutrition, reproduction and meaning of tortoise in the nature and for a man. The next testing of children has shown good results.

In «Young historian» study group the children were taught a lesson «Labour tools found at the monument of Jeytun culture». At the lesson was told a lot of interesting about ancient labour tools, such as sickle, mattock and flint. For the better knowledge of the material the pupil have seen the part of Ancient history of the State museum. Тhere was also carried out a test among the pupil in the form of questions and answers.

In «Young artist» study group the today's theme was named «Illustration of Turkmen folk tales». The pupils have drawn the tale they’ve heard from their parents or read at school with the help of the museum specialists. Regular drawing from memory should the ability of representation.