On the 1-st November 2018 in Hamburg city of the Federal Republic of Germany was opened an exhibition of archaeological finds named «Margiana – the Kingdom of the Bronze age on the territory of Turkmenistan»


Today in Turkmenistan the social and economic reforms generally carried out by the honourable President of Turkmenistan promote new development of national culture, strengthening of activity in popularization of a historical and spiritual heritage of the Turkmen people all over the world and activization of cultural relations between the states.  

For the years of Independence between Turkmenistan and Federal Republic of Germany were adjusted fruitful relations in extensive sphere of priority interstate areas. Fruitful cultural dialogue, certainly, will be an important step for the further active embodiment of long-term mutual relations in various spheres German-Turkmen collaboration.  

The exhibition in Berlin «Маrgiana – a kingdom of an epoch of bronze in territory of Turkmenistan», has begun on 24-th April 2018 year, 384 thousand and 853 people  have visited it, at present the exhibition continues its work at the Archaeological museum of Hamburg, and after that at museum complex Reis - Engelhorn cities of Mannheim city.   The  unique archaeological  finds from a museum collection will be exhibited in the European cities for first time. The exhibition in Germany is result of fruitful Turkmen-German cooperation in the sphere of culture, became an important mark on the way of opening of this ancient kingdom for those Europeans who have not   yet been to our country and now have got a good chance to touch evident illustration of the highest culture of farming. The visitors will see at the exhibition originals from fantastic ancient Turkmen kingdom still recently lost in Karakum desert.

Turkmenistan has sent 219 museum exhibits found in ancient Маrgiana, from store-houses of the State museum of Turkmenistan, a museum of   Fine arts of Turkmenistan and a museum of History and Local Lore of Mary province. This exhibition,in the year, which is carried out   in our country under the motto «Turkmenistan - heart of the Great Silk Road», is especially actual, for it gives  possibility for numerous foreign visitors to acquaint with the artefacts testifying to that remote past period of history, when the international contacts between separate kingdoms of the ancient Orient only arose. Archaeologists have found hundreds of the exhibits testifying to a high level of development of town building, craft and social interrelations in III-II millennia B.C., in the country named Маrgush, in ancient delta of the Murgab river. In ancient manuscripts of Zoroastrians this country is mentioned as «Моuru», in the Bekhistun inscription of Aree «Маrgush». According to the belief of many scientists, ancient Margiana is possible to rank among with civilizations of the ancient world, such as ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, China and ancient India (Harappa).

Favourable geographical location of   Margush country, promoted contacts with civilizations of Indus and Mesopotamia valleys, which is testified by the considerable number of archaeological finds. At the exhibition are presented the unique exhibits, which tell about social life, their religious world outlook, traditions, everyday life and aspect of ancient inhabitants of Margiana. Here are exposed refined adornments skillfully made by means of moulding and   engraving from gold, silver and semiprecious stones, such as lazurite, turquoise and cornelian. There was produced refined, thin-walled ceramics from light brown clay of qualitative burning.

All these artefacts tell about the high level of development of Margiana and rank it among with one of the important centres of the ancient Orient.

Unique exhibits from a collection of the State museum of Turkmenistan are exposed abroad for the second time. The same guest exhibition was organized in 2016 in Metropolitan museum of New York City. Today, when the country strengthens the image of the stable, peaceful and dynamically developing state thanks to tireless of the leader of the nation, the richest historical and cultural property of the Turkmen people becomes the brand, with which the country is known all over the world.

This exhibition is a result of long-term fruitful collaboration of archaeologists, historians, scientists and cultural workers.