High advances of the years of Independence


The State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan invites those who wishes to the exhibition named theoretical and practical conference named «High advances of the years of Independence» devoted to the 27-th anniversary of the Independence of Turkmenistan, which will be opened on the 20-th of September 2018 at 10 o’clock A.M.

The main holiday of the powerful state – a holiday of Independence of Turkmenistan is solemnly celebrated in all the regions of the country. Age-old aspirations of our courageous people, which have heroic history, about the independent state have come true in 1991 and there was founded an independent Turkmen state.

Independence is a national pride of our people. It is the base of indestructibility of the powerful state, the harmony and well-being of the people.

Our people pay a special tribute of respect to the holiday of Independence as to a holiday of power and happiness. Our Motherland has achieved big successes in the sphere of policy, economy and culture for the years of independence. The year «Turkmenistan - heart of the Great Silk Road» also was rich in glorious events. In Lebap province was opened and put into operation the International airport, in Turkmenbashy city - the International seaport, has successfully come to the end the international rally «Amul – Khazar 2018» and in November in Ashgabat city will be also held the World championship in weightlifting. There also consistently grows the international authority of our independent, permanently neutral state. At present time Turkmenistan became the regional conciliatory centre, it is recognized as the state, which recommends to solve interstate problems amicably, in diplomatic way.

Our Motherland Turkmenistan celebrates 27-th anniversary of sacred Independence at the prosperous epoch of the powerful state with high achievements. For the years of Independence in a native land was carried out a lot of work. The independent state develops by leaps and bounds and now it is among the countries, providing its people by problem-free, happy life and abundance.

At the State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan is organized an exhibition named «High advances of the years of Independence» in honor of the 27-th anniversary of Independence of Turkmenistan. The main place is given here to the photos and the information about the achievements of our Motherland during the years of Independence in different spheres. A lot of room is also occupied by the wise books of our Hero Arkadag, works of art and jewelry composition, which glorify the Independence of the country, the prosperous epoch of the powerful state, carpets and carpets products of our skilled carpet-makerss аnd museum values as well.