Children - flowers of the world

The State Museum of the State cultural center of Turkmenistan invites those who wishes to the exhibition «Children - flowers of the world», devoted to the International Children's Defense Day, which will be held on the 1st of June 2018 at 10:00.

President of Turkmenistan

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov

«This international holiday plays a special role in a social life as the glorious date symbolizing adherence of Turkmenistan to underlying principles of the United Nations Organization in the field of the rights and interests of children, effective care of younger generation».

The International Children's Defense Day establish by the congress of Women's International Democratic Federation in November 1949 in Paris is celebrated every year beginning from the 1-st of June 1950. Children's Defense Day is celebrated in Тurkmenistan beginning from the first days of independence. In 1994 Turkmenistan joined the UNO Children's Rights Convention.

In the country where are realized the dearest wishes of happy children, under the guidance of Аrkadag, our people, feel enormous love to the Motherland for the carried out reforms, including those connected with the present and the future of generations.

The guarantor of the happy childhood is, first of all, the President of the country who has made a care of rising generation as a rank of priorities of a state policy. Therefore, the younger generation of our country learns not only standards of life and knowledge, but have also physical and spiritual health. It is no coincidence that priority program of the President of Turkmenistan is radical reorganization of education, including academic, higher, secondary modern and comprehensive schools. Introduction of a healthy life style, familiarization of children with it from early age is a subject of special care of the state. There are sports and music halls at schools and kindergartens and the open areas for creative development of children. «If your plans are intended for many decades - bring up children», - taught Babadaykhan, the protector of Turkmen farmers and the life shows, that it depends from the fact that the more love, care and attention the child will get in a family, the better he will grow up.

On 1-st June of in Turkmenistan, which celebrates Children's Defense Day with all the world, by tradition are carried out the numerous actions devoted to this event. One of such bright holidays is held at the State museum of Turkmenistan, where children annually compete in drawing and is carried out an exhibition «Children – flowers of the world» devoted to children's creativity. At this exhibition will be presented works of children and the works of professional artists devoted to the world of the childhood.