Ashgabat built of white marble is shining through the world

The State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan invites those who wishes to the exhibition named «Ashgabat built of white marble is shining through the world», devoted to the Day of Ashgabat city, which will be held on the 23rd of May 2018 at 15:00.


President of Turkmenistan

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov

We have created a new holiday on honour of our lovely capital – city day. It is a holiday of all the citizens, all the compatriots, who create the look of the by their own hands.


From the very beginning of his election for Presidency leader of the nation started reorganizations in all the parts of the country and reforms in all the spheres. The head of the state has a great merit in development of our capital built of white marble.

Annual celebration of Ashgabat city day by the initiative of the honourable President on 25-th of May shows large-scale reforms at the prosperous epoch of the powerful state and found their embodiment and in look of Ashgabat. At the year “Turkmenistan – heart of the Great Silk way”, white city of white marble is embodiment of our happiness, because Ashgabat is a city of beauty.

Ashgabat is a city of wellbeing and future, city of happy and problem-free life. In terms of international co-operation Ashgabat is a land of hospitality, reliable partnership, peaceful creation and humanism. The meaning of Ashgabat as a large political, socio-economic, scientific, educational and cultural centre is being increased still more. Today's peculiarity of the city is construction of modern buildings with all kinds of conveniences for carrying out of important actions at the international level.

At the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan was organized an exhibition named «Ashgabat built of white marble is shining through the world» and devoted to the Ashgabat city day. The exhibition is opened with the wise words of our honourable President about our capital. There are books by our honourable President, carpets with excellent views of our city, photos, works of artists, museum values connected with the Great Silk way, gift jewelry compositions from the store-houses of the museum of the President of Turkmenistan. The exhibition is still more adorned with splendid carpets woven by our carpet makers “Моnument of Independence”, “Моnument of Ashgabat”, “White city of Ashgabat”. Here you can also see photos of beautiful buildings, amusement parks, fountains of our city. According to the photos from the store-house of written documents we can compare the former and the modern look of Ashgabat city. Looking at these photos one can be convinced that Ashgabat is being developed rapidly. Today Ashgabat is considered to be a light of independent Motherland, pearl of the Central Asia and land of warmth.