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Exhibition Variety of birds of Turkmenistan”   and meeting with well-known scientists at the State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan


        On the 30-th of March, 2018 at the State museum of State cultural centre of Turkmenistan has taken place solemn opening of an exhibition  named “Variety of birds of Turkmenistan”, devoted to the International Bird Day. The event has developed in a meeting with well-known scientists of the country. Teachers and students of institutions of higher educational were invited as the guests.

The event was opened by the manager of the State museum of State cultural centre of Turkmenistan, candidate of historical science O. Mammetnurov.

  In his speech he told, that annually on the  1-st of April, all the world celebrates the International Bird Day  an ecological holiday, which is devoted to propagation of ideas, up brings the people in the decision of the problems connected with disappearance of many kinds of avifauna in   the Earth. This holiday is devoted to propagation of the important ideas connected with   environmental protection.   

It is supposed that the decision of the problems connected with disappearance of many kinds of avifauna in   the Earth will raise culture of people. As it is known, at the initiative of the honourable President supported all over the world the great value is given to this problem and programs on environmental protection and biodiversity protection are carried out.    

  The exposition of a museum of Ethnography and  local lore of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan, which contains riches of the nature, the vegetable and animal worlds, is a place which is visited by people with pleasure. According to the policy of the honourable President on protection of the original nature of the country, a biodiversity,   rational use of riches of the   nature and increase of ecological literacy of people, the museum regularly carries out meetings of youth with scientists of Turkmenistan, competitions among schoolboys and students,   exhibitions, theoretical and practical conferences.

Then the floor was given to the doctor of biological science, academician, professor,  head of the Ramsar International   Commission Eldar Rustamov, professor of S.A.Niyazov Turkmen   agricultural university, candidate of biological science     Оvez Sopyyev, head of the National hawkers society of Turkmenistan Ata Eyeberdyyev, senior lecturer  of S.A.Niyazov Turkmen   agricultural university Saparmurat Аnnamukhamedov,  subeditor of   “Ekologiýa medeniýeti” magazine Jumaberdy Artykov.  

As the lecturers pointed in Turkmenistan protection and the International Bird Day are connected with the name of the known ornithologist in the world - Turkmen academician A.G.Rustamov.  In 1968 that well-known scientist organized Turkmen society of nature preservation. He has supported and promulgated in Turkmenistan an idea of UNESCO on celebrating of Bird Day and has suggested celebration of this day on the I-st of April in our country as well.  

        For the last period members of the Turkmen society of nature preservation propagandized ideas of thesociety on protection of birds, carried outseminars and lectures and have made a lot of work. The big role in   protection of birds is played by the National hawkers society of Turkmenistan, under the guidance of A.E.Eyeberdyyev founded in1999 and ornithologist J.S.Saparmuradov. Members of this society actively propagandize protection of birds of prey and the care of national tradition of a falconry. During the meeting there was demonstrated film about the activity of the society. Participants of conference have also seen with interest a film about cranes, which occur very seldom.

The guests have also acquainted     determiner   "Birds of Turkmenistan”, published thanks to cares of the World fund of ecology and the Program of development of the United Nations Organization in Turkmenistan and which has been handed to teachers.

At this meeting well-known scientists   answered the questions of students. Then the guests looked up the exhibition and acquainted  museum values. At the exhibition were exposed various stuffed animals of the birds, which occur in Turkmenistan, eggs, nests, figurines, pictures and carpet panels, their variety and beauty was shown by means of it. The sufficient place was given to scientific documentation,   fiction and magazines about birds. Portraits of ornithologist scientists were also placed here.