Devoted to the International woman’s day


On the 2-nd of March 2018 at the State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan was carried out an opening of the exhibition named “Turkmen women of the prosperous epoch” and devoted to the International Woman’s Day.

The women, who honesty work in various spheres of the national economy, cultural workers and the creative forces, respected by the people hoary with age women, students of institutions higher education participated in the opening of the exhibition.

The meeting was opened by the manager of State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan, candidate of historical science О. Mammetnurov and congratulated heartily those present with the International Woman’s Day. In his speech, he pointed with proud that at the prosperous epoch of the powerful state, in our country women are honoured very much.

Every year the honourable President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov presents gifts to hoary with age mothers, young women, our little sisters, kids from a kindergarten, schoolgirls and students. Our women inspired by care of the leader of the nation work diligently, bringing their contribution into the development of the powerful Motherland land, patriotic upbringing of next healthy generation.

Appearance of young participants of “Japbaklar” musical ensemble of the special music boarding school near national conservatoire of Turkmenistan with songs “Eje jan” and “Mekdebim” has given an original shade to the celebration.

Then the floor was given to the People’s writers of Turkmenistan, well-known poets Atamyrat Аtabayev, Orazguly Annayev, Honoured cultural worker of Turkmenistan, poet Dovletgeldy Annamyradov, subeditor of “Ekologiýa medeniýeti” magazine, poet Jumamyrat Artykov, head of department of “Esger” newspaper, poet Atanyyaz Khangeldiyev. The verses read by them, where was skillfully glorified our beautiful epoch, nobility of our women, their beauty, humanity, inspired all those present. Тhe floor was also given to the professor of geographical faculty of Magtymguly Turkmen State University, candidate of geographical science Amanguly Magtymov, director of the central library of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan Shemshat Altyyeva, member of Ashgabat city Elders’ quorum, teacher of the secondary school № 52 Ogulnabat Oglakova, director of the special music boarding school near national conservatoire of Turkmenistan Berdynyyaz Babanyyazov, senior research fellow of the institute of History of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan Tyllanur Atayeva, head of department of the Ministry of Health and Medicinal Industry of Turkmenistan Gulnabat Charyyeva and the teacher of the Turkmen State institute of transport and communication Gulshirin Agayeva, who greeted all the guests with the coming International Woman’s Day from the heart.

As they have pointed, at the initiative of the honourable President this year was declared as “Turkmenistan - heart of the Great Silk way”. And the splendid samples of our national heritage are, of course, connected with creative talent and skill of our women. In the past our women could show the history of our people by means of carpet patterns and embroideries and have connected the past with the present. The fine carpets woven by Turkmen women have been spread all over worldwide through the Great Silk way. And finally, it is known, that silkworm breeding has been developed in Central Asia from times immemorial. Including Turkmen women, who has woven the unique, silk fabrics covered with national spirit.

After the exhibition was opened, the guests looked up the exposition of the State museum.

         Here is exposed jewellery, various types of carpets, pictures of well-known artists and some contemporary jewellery compositions.

         The variety of museum values made lasting impression on the guests.