On the 16-th of February 2018 at the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan was held meetimg with well-known Turkmen political observers named “The role of the Great Silk way in Turkmen diplomatic relations” devoted to the Day of diplomatic officers.

By tradition, as usual, the meeting was crowded. Here were professors and teachers of higher schools of the country, known political observers, cultural workers and creative specialists, students.

The meeting was opened by the manager of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan, candidate of historical science О. Mаmmetnurov, who congratulated heartily those present with the coming Day of Turkmen diplomatic officers. In his speech he pointed with pride the rising international authority of beloved Motherland under the visionary leadership of the homourable President. Then the floor was given to the director of department of the International oil and gas university, professor Nuryagdy Sukhanov, director of department of Turkmen State University, professor Atadlan Burunov, professor of Turkmen State institute for economy and management Bayramdurdy Taykharov, Honoured journalist of Turkmenistan, poet Dovletgeldy Annamyradov, teacher of the Institute of International Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan   Begench Myatliyev, Honoured journalist of Turkmenistan, poetess Edjegyz Charyyeva .

In their reports they noticed, that in our permenently neutral state, which has a big international authority, in all spheres are carried out the large historical reforms under the guidance of the honourable President, the great value is given to careful keeping of the national heritage, which takes sources deep in the centuries, its studying and transfer to the future generation. In the past the Turkmen people carried out active political, economic, trade and cultural relations with neighbouring countries and those that were very far. As acknowledgement to this may be used the statement about Turkmens, who have created an example of a solvency in the world: “ If you want to found the state – call Turkmen ”. The honourable President in his book recently presented to the people “Turkmenistan – heart of the Great Silk way”narrates about political and diplomatic experience of our people inspired with wisdom. Basing on interesting arguments about the value of the Great Silk way in quickt development of diplomatic relations of Turkmenistan, there was noted about new, modern restoration of the Great Silk way. Thanks to the wise initiative of the leader of the nation today is being carried out the revival of the Great Silk way. As an example can be shown realization of projects on the international traffic.

During the meeting known political observers of the country answered the questions of the students. When the meeting came to the end, the guests examined the State museum of Turkmenistan and acquainted the museum values.