The State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan invites those who wishes to the exhibition named “Defence of Motherland is sacred”, devoted to the Day of the defender of Fatherland, which will be held on the 22-nd of January 2018 at 15


Defence of Motherland is sacred


Armed Forces of Turkmenistan are our pride. The Motherland begins with border. Turkmen оfficers and soldiers defend our Fatherland day and night to provide territorial integrity and problem-free life of the people. It is their duty Стоять на страже, не смыкая глаз является их долгом. Heroism shown by our ancestors in the past inspires them to be always ready for defense of borders of our country. There is a lot to learn for Turkmen soldiers and оfficers in our glorious history. Historical and artworks written about heroism, courage and fearlessness of Turkmen warriors are countless. Eposes “Gorkut аtа”, “Gorogly”, destans “Yusup-Ahmet”, “Dovletyar” glorify intrepidity, heroism and selflessness of the heroes. Our Armed Forces, that confidently go to the new heights, are developed, perfected and strengthened together with the country.

Turkmenistan have his eye on smb's territory. Defensive Army Doctrine worked out by the honourable President satisfies dearest hopes of our people. This Doctrine opens wide opportunities for good-neighbourhood with another countries.

As a result of tireless care of the honourable President Armed Forces, continuing a peace-loving policy and military traditions of our ancestors, became army of national defence. The pedagogical heritage of ancestors, military art, wise, a heroic military way increases devotion of our brave soldiers, who have become a reliable shield of Fatherland, to their duty.

Day of the defender of Fatherland celebrated at the state level every year on 27-th of January gives them additional force and courage. At the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan is organized an exhibition Defence of Motherland is sacred”, devoted to this holiday of Armed Forces of Turkmenistan. The beginning of this exhibition is devoted to the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, and to the honourable Supreme Commander in Chief. There are exposed photos of meetings of the honourable President with military students, episodes of war games, solemn parades, besides it the swords decorated with jewels and presented to the honourable President, daggers and knives made of silver. In this part of the exhibition are shown jewellery compositions with the state signs and symbolics of Turkmenistan and books on military subject area.

Besides it here are exposed some books devoted to the grandfather of the honourable President Berdymukhamed Annayev “The reputation is undecayed”, “Faithful son of the Fatherland” and “The grandson realizing his grandfather’s dream”. There are also photos of courageous participants of the Great Patriotic War Kurban Durdy, Annageldy Rozyyev, Berdymurad Dovletjanov, Pena Rejepov, portraits by well-known artist K.Khnykin. here are exposed communication facilities of the Great Patriotic War, model of the tank made by means of Lallyk Khan, binocular, kit-bag and other articles.