The State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan invites all who wishes to visit the final exhibition named “Significant examples of health and inspiration”, which will be opened on 30th– of December 2017 at –10:00 o’clock.



The announcement of 2017 by the honourable President as the year of “Health and inspiration” gave a special shade to all the activity carried out in our country. Significant events, that took place in 2017, testify that our country moves forward in all directions and well-being the people is raised more and more. Among these historical events, first of all it is necessary to tell about the national Presidential elections in Turkmenistan, which were carried out in February, where our honourable head of the state Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov was elected for the Presidency. Also it is necessary to remind of putting into operation of Garlyk ore-dressing and potassium processing enterprise in Lebap province, railway and automobile bridge Turkmenabat-Farap over the Amudarya, the health protection Center in capital of Mary province, a sports complex in Аvaza, a complex of buildings of Community facilities institute in Ashgabat, cultural and entertaining centre "Gala" at the foothills of Kopetdag Mountains, a complex of dwelling houses in the city of Ashgabat during the celebratin of 26 anniversary of independence and sport complex including golf course.
One of the basic achievements of 2017 – carrying out of the V Asian indoor sport and martial arts Games in September of this year, where Turkmen sportsmen have achieved the big success. In these competitions Turkmenistan team has won 89 gold, 70 silver, 86 bronze – in all 245 medals и won the first place among the other teams.
In October in our capital was carried out conference of an Elders' quorum where were resolve a lot of significant decisions. At the suggestion of the leader of the nation at this conference the 2018 was named as the year of “Turkmenistan – the heart of the Great Silk way”. At the conference of an Elders' quorum our honourable President was bestowes a title of the Hero of Turkmenistan and awarded “Altyn Ay” order.
The final exhibition “Significant examples of health and inspiration”, organized at the State museum is basically devoted to the achievements reached in 2017. The wise words of the honourable President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov about health protection form the idea of the exhibition. The photos, where he is on the bicycle and quadrocycle, plays tennis, walks by the path of health and drives a sport car, make the exhibition more valuable. Нere you can also see symbol and emblem of the V Asian Games. Тhere is also information about 21 kinds of sport included into the program of the V Asian Games and known Turkmen sportsmen.