Our honourable President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov constantly cares   that thorough studying of a multilateral national heritage, the information on the values, which we have got from ancestors, were accessible to the people, including the youth. The announcement of the next 2018 the year  “Turkmenistan – the heart of Great silk way” comprises, first of all, pride of the cultures created by our ancestors, cultural values, studying of their experience, which has been accumulated   in the international relations, trade relations, use of it now, acknowledgement of the past and present  through the national heritage,  bright vision of the future.

         Actually, the main task of the museum is acquisition, restoration, storage and propagation of history of the people,  national heritage, education  of patriotism of youth, love to the people by means of these values. The big problem is entrusted to museums on education  of patriotism of children, students of higher educational institutions, pupils of secondary schools, possibility to spend  their time cultural by means of assignment of the information   about the nature, history, culture of our country. Acquaintance of youth with cultural  and educational activity of museums, their participation in mass actions always yields positive results. As a bright example to that is   carrying out of the action   named  “Activity of the honourable President in development of a national heritage - an example for the future generations” on 4th of November of this year  at the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan.   Тhe action was оpened by the manager of the State museum, candidate of historical science Ovezmukhammet Mammetnurov who pointed that honourable President pays great meaning to the development of sphere of museums, reminds of the necessity of keeping the national heritage, use of it in upbringing of the next generation and gives guidance on these themes. Then the floor was given to the senior lecturer of Turkmen State  architectural Institute Amangeldy Orazov, People’s writer of  Turkmenistan Atamurat Atabayev, professor of the social science department оf Turkmen State  financial Institute, doctor of historical science   Meret Оvlyakuliyev, People’s Artist of Turkmenistan   Mуkhamed Bekiyev,  head of department of National Institute of knowledge of Turkmenistan, candidate of biologiical science Sapargeldy Durdyyev, teacher of the Institute of International Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan Ruslan Jumayev, correspondent of “Watan” newspaper, poet Orazdurdy Atakhanov, who told about the respect to the national heritage and hearths of culture at the prosperous epoch of the powerful state, including the activity of museums, about the responsibility of museum for the care of the honourable President.

         When the action was finished the guests and participants got possibility to look up the values exposed at the museum of the President of Turkmenistan of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan. It made a deep impression on them.