For each of us the Independence holiday is the most disturbing and торжественым a holiday. On October, 27th, 1991 signal to start has been given to a new historical epoch in a life of the Turkmen people – to building of the peaceful state directed in the light future. Tуркменистан meets 26 anniversary of the Independence in year of Health and enthusiasm in the rank of promptly developing state in which large-scale transformations to all social spheres are carried out. We are witnesses of how all transformations are directed to a happy epoch of the mighty state on prosperity of our ancient earth, transformation of our cities, villages and our fine capital.

In 2017 in our capital took place an important event, which was written in history of the people by gold letters – V Asian indoor sports and martial arts games. During these games Turkmen sportsmen have won 89 gold, 70 silver, 86 bronze – in total 245 medals, having raised the authority of Turkmen sports to unprecedented height.

         The staffs of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan see that all the achievements of in our country are connected with our glorious Independence. Every year at the museum is organized an exhibition devoted to Independence holiday. The tradition was continued this year as well. On 16 of October 2017 here was carried out inauguration of the exhibition named “Our Fatherland revives with Independence”. Тhe celebration was орened with the words of greeting by the manager of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan, candidate of historical science Оvezmukhammet Mаmmetnurov, who told about the value of the great Independence, achievements, reached in the country for the years of independence, the giant work carried out in the country during the prosperous epoch of the powerful state. Then the floor was given to the teacher of Magtymguly Turkmen State University, candidate of geographical science, professor Amanguly Magtymov, head of department of the institute of History of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan Аtageldy Nepesov, leading research officer of the institute of History of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, candidate of philosophy Mati Annanurov, correspondent of press centre of Ministry of Home Affairs, the Honoured journalist of Turkmenistan Edjegyz Charyyeva, subeditor of “Watan” newspaper, winner of the President of Turkmenistan “Türkmeniň Altyn asyry” competition Aysenem Gurbanova, head of department of social sciences of the National institute of education of Turkmenistan Ogulbayram Melyayeva, senior research officer of the institute of Biology and medicinal plants of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan Maral Sakhatova, subeditor of “Milli goşun” magazine Ashyrmet Garlyyev, subeditor of “Ahal durmuşy” newspaper Durnabat Ashyrova, who told about the new possibilities of Turkmen people with realization of the dream of our ancestors about the independent country, about the honouring of Independence, about its strengthening by the achievements in labour. The students of Turkmen State institute of transport and communication, military institute of Turkmenistan Ministry of Defense, Turkmen State School for culture and art and soldiers.

         After the exhibition was declared open the guests took a look of the values connected with the history of Independence and present day. The exhibition made a deep impression on them.