The State Museum of the State cultural center of Turkmenistan invites all comers to visit the exhibition “Compatriots that fell a victim ” which will take place at the State Museum of Turkmenistan on 3th of October 2017.


Compatriots that fell a victim

“Today Ashgabat, having put on white marble apparel, turned into one of the most beautiful cities of the East and now is widely known as the peacemaking centre of the region”

President of Turkmenistan

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov


Terrible date of 6-th of October is mentioned as the Day of national mourning for victims of disastrous earthquake of 1948. There have passed 69 years from that tragic event in the history of Turkmen nation but reminder of that disaster brings pain to the heart of every citizen of Turkmenistan.

Night from 5 to 6 October in 1948 has gone down in history as a day of nation - wide mourning, that night terrible earthquake has stopped life of tens of thousands inhabitants of capital and neighboring settlements. This is a tragic event for all Turkmen people.

As a result of this horrible earthquake a number of settlements nearby Ashgabat were ruined. Dwelling houses, schools, plants and factories, hospitals, institutes, museums and culturally-historical monuments were destroyed in a flash.

Turkmen people, who dreaming of freedom, the independent and powerful state from time immemorial, after finding of the sacred Independence, observing traditions of our ancestors and maintaining their spiritual riches, every year on 6-th of October grieve over victims of Ashgabat earthquake of 1948, remembering thousands of our compatriots.

The XX century became the period of the ordeals, which have fallen to the lot Turkmen people. The people have not yet recovered from a hardship of the Great Patriotic War as there came natural cataclysm face to face. As a result of natural disaster 176 thousand people of 198 thousand inhabitants of capital were lost.

Those people, who escaped, have shown the big courage in rescue of victims. Big help was rendered by the arrived doctors and others medics, soldiers and employees. After many years, as a result of fearlessness, courage and stableness of the people, their persevering and inspired work, the city of Ashgabat was not only restored from ruins, but was also turned into the shining white marble capital of Independent, neutral Turkmenistan, a fine pearl of the East and the centre of reconciliation of our region at the prosperous epoch of the powerful state.

Giant projects which are realized and give abundance to our people due to immeasurable care of our honourable President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, constructing buildings, dwelling houses with all modern conveniences, new schools, kindergartens, sport, cultural and recreation centers change the view of our capital day to day.

In prosperous epoch in our country is carried out strict observance of national traditions and customs due to the wise decision of our honourable President. Every year the 6-th of October is mentioned in our country like day of nation-wide mourning.

An exhibition named “Compatriots that fell a victim ” and devoted to the day of mourning was organized at the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan. There are photo documents, photos concerning Ashgabat earthquake and keeping in the treasuries of museum. These photos are divided in views of Ashgabat before the earthquake, construction in Ashgabat at the beginning of XX century and architecture of the epoch of Independence. There are presented photo posters, agitation posters and slogans.

There are exhibited photos of modern beautiful buildings, parks, monuments, which have been built after the natural disaster.

Our sacred duty is to revere memory of the victims of earthquake, worship their spirit on the day of national mourning.