Exhibition devoted to Turkmen sport


The fact that in our country is paid a special attention to development of various kinds of sports   at the prosperous  epoch of the powerful state is a result of care of  the honourable  President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov of upbringing of healthy generation. In Turkmenistan is carried out a lot of work on increase of generality of sports and propagation of a healthy life-style. As a result of it all over the country in comprehensive schools and preschool institutions are built sports halls, basketball and volleyball pitches, swimming pools and tennis courts equipped with the modern equipment. In the children's health improving centres located in   Gokdere valley and a national tourist zone “Avaza” are created all conditions for rest of children. The sport facilities included into a complex of Olympic campus, where will be carried out V Asian indoor sport and martial arts games, amaze all the spectators. These days our people and the fans who have arrived from all the parts of the world wait for opening of V Asian games with impatience. The days of carrying out of games museums of the country   hospitably open their doors for local inhabitants and foreign guests. At the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan is also carried out preparation for a worthy meeting of visitors. Here was organized the exhibition   named “Sports - source of health”, devoted  to V Asian  games and telling about the history of Turkmen sports and which was opened on 13 September 2017. The celebration with the  words of greeting was opened by the manager of the museum,   candidate of historical science Оvezmukhammet Маmmetnurov, who   told about glorious history of Turkmen sports, about today's successes and importance of carrying out of V Asian indoor sport and martial arts games in our capital. Then the floor was given to the chairman of Ashgabat municipal committee of Democratic Suleyman Suleymanov, head of department of the Institute of Аrchaeology and ethnography of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan Agamurad Baltayev, senior lecturer of Turkmen National institute for sports and tourism Jeren Kurbanova, manager of  Ashgabat chess and draughts school Shohrat Мuratgulyyev,  manager of  the 2 branch  of the 4 department of Ashgabat city Police Department Rustam Salamatov, head of department of National institute for education of Turkmenistan, candidate of biological science Sapargeldy Durdyyev, teacher of “Olymp” sport school of the State committee of Turkmenistan   for sport Tazegul Charyyeva, teacher of Turkmen State institute of transport and communication Gulshirin Аgayeva, teacher of the Turkmen State special artistic school Azat Annayev and main specialist of the department of students and pupils of the Central Council of  Magtymguly Turkmenistan  youth organization Gurbannazar Ovezov, who told about the glorious past of Turkmen sport, modern achievements of Turkmen sportsmen in different kinds of sport, meaning of  V Asian indoor sport and martial arts games in development of Turkmen sport.  The  staff of the centralized network of libraries of Ashgabat municipal Administration of Culture, pupils of “Olymp” sport school of the State committee of Turkmenistan   for sport and of the Turkmen State special artistic school, students of journalism faculty of Magtymguly Turkmen State University and Oguz khan engineering and technological university of Turkmenistan were invited as the guests.

After the exhibition was declared open the guests acquainted the museum values concerning sport.