On 10-th of August 2017 at the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan was carried a solemn opening of the exhibition named “Тurkmen melons–paradise delicacy” and devoted to the Day of Тurkmen melon.

Annual celebration of Day of Turkmen melon in our country in August is a sign on the big respect to a melon by our people. If we recollect our history, it is obvious, that to melon was given a special distinction.

In the past in Аkhal province were grown up many kinds of melon. Melons named “Sarygallan” and “shart” were considered to be the most tasty. The population of Merv also gave large value to cultivation of cucurbitaceous. Very big areas under crops were sown here by cucurbitaceous as far as the melon grew very well even on the sandy areas. Two thirds of the year the population was provided by melons. Melons were also fed to the cattle. Merv melons, which differed by very good taste and a smell, took out for sale or exchanged for other goods. The population of Merv also grew up early sorts of melons “zamcha” and “chalmeslek”, a little bit late-ripening melons “vakharman”, “ak kitai”, “goktorly”, differing by special taste and late melons “payandaky” and “garrygyz”. Lebap region was famous for the melons, which had unforgettable taste. In spring population of Cheleken cropped melons and water-melons in Ogurdji sland and later, in autumn or on the threshold of winter, came here for harvest. Even in settlements of south-east coast of the Caspian sea wasgrown up sufficient number of melons.

As we see, in the past melon took an important place in everyday life of our people.

Тhe celebration was opened by the manager of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan, candidate of historical science Ovezmukhammet Mammetnurov, who greeted the guests and told in brief about the big care taken of the development of the cucurbitaceous, including melons, in our country at the prosperous epoch of the powerful state and the gave the floor to the guests. In their speeches the guests, exactly, a teacher of Magtymguly Turkmen State University, candidate of geographical science, professor Amanguly Magtymov, chairman of the Elders' quorum of Kopetdag regional administration Gurbandurdy Annadurdyyev, head of department of selection of cucurbitaceous of the research institute of the Ministry of agriculture and water industry of Turkmenistan Akmammed Akyyev, correspondent of “Bereketli toprak” newspaper, poetess, winner of “Altyn asyr” competition Аltyn Bayramdurdyyeva, head of laboratory of geobotany and national herbarium of Institute of Biology and medicinal plants of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, candidate of biological science Pirli Kepbanov, subeditor of “Garagum” magazine Nurtach Annamukhammedova, head of department of social sciences of the National institute of education of Turkmenistan Ogulbayram Melyayeva, subeditor of “Ahal durmuşy” newspaper Durnabat Ashyrova, subeditor of “Galkynyş” newspaper Leyli Gurbanova, People’s Elder Kadyrberdy Jepbaroý told a lot about the achievements in agriculture at the prosperous epoch of the powerful state, the different kinds of melon, useful properties of melon and products made of melon. Staff of the museum of the first President of Turkmenistan, museum of the Fine Arts of Turkmenistan, Rukhabat complex for grain production and members of the Elders' quorum of Kopetdag regional administration.

After the exhibition was declared open the guests acquainted with the museum values closer. The exhibition made an indelible impression on them.