Exhibition, devoted to the value of the water

Over the time of all history of our people they knew the value of the water, equating each drop to a grain of gold. In the territories of our country agriculture, economy, and culture were first of all are connected with water supply. We know, that change of a channel of the Murgab river was the reason of leaving of the population from ancient Маrgush. The fact that in our country areas under crops were, basically, public, and there were not so much lands in private possession, was the peculiarity inherent in land and water relations in territory of the country. Even the well-off people were not able to dig and keep in order big aryks. The annual celebration of the holiday “A drop of water – grain of gold” on the first Sunday of April has great meaning”. On the one hand, it reminds one more time that in the course of our history the water is valuable aid, which is able to have an influence on the course of history, appearance of cultures and their disappearance, on the other hand, it reminds of solving current problems, connected with the water and, just now, think of the following problems. The staffs of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan know the value of this holiday very well. On 1 of April 2017 here was carried out the solemn opening of the temporary exhibition named “Respect to sacred water” and devoted to the holiday “A drop of water – grain of gold”. The celebration was opened by the manager of the State museum of the State cultural centre of Turkmenistan Ovezmuhammet Mammetnurov, who congratulated the guests with the coming holiday. Then those present listened to: teacher of faculty of geography of Magtymguly Turkmen State University, candidate of geological and mineralogical science Anatoliy Bushmakin, principal research officer of the Institute of Natural Gas of Turkmenistan, candidate of geological and mineralogical science Sahy Shadurdyyev, acting director of department of hydrogeology and engineering geology of the International Oil and Gas University Durdymyrat Orazdurdyyev, head of division of “Oba hojalyk” production association of Akhal province Gurban Velmyradov, editor of “Watan” radio station Jahan Gurbangulyyeva laboratory manger of “Turkmengiprovodhoz” scientific and planning institute Bayram Akmammedov, main specialist of the same institute Meret Akmyradov, head of division of “Ahal durmuşy” newspaper Durnabat Ashyrova, methodologist of Аshgabat municipal committee of Democratic Party of Turkmenistan Kumush Matnyyazova, who told a lot of interesting about the value of the water, the importance of water supply in our country and activity carried out in this direction. Their speeches made big impression on those present –staff of the Ministry of agriculture and water industry and Ministry of communication of Turkmenistan, students of Ashgabat secondary school of Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan, Oil and Gas University, “Gujurly nesil” training centre аnd the staffs of museum. After the temporary exhibition was declared open the guests had a good look at the interesting exhibits.